Amongst many interior design firms in Toronto, here’s why we believe you and us would be the perfect match—like some stylish golden accents against a warm and sophisticated background

It’s actually about you, not us

It’s not our agenda to push certain trends or styles on you just so we can build a certain portfolio.

As a premium interior design firm in Toronto, our aim is to turn the house you own into your dream home—unless you’re hiring us to stage it: in that case, we’ll make your old house more appealing to prospective buyers so that you can sell it faster.

We’ll share our expertise, give you our honest opinion, and update you on current trends and best practices: that way, you can make a more informed decision. Still, your new decor must make you happy. After all, you’re the one who’ll get to live in it every day, not us!

So, we always start with your needs and preferences, cherish your dream vision and never lose sight of it.

If you’re anything like most of our clients, you might be worried that the process is going to be confusing or overwhelming, especially when you already have so much on your plate. 

On the contrary, we’ll take care of all the logistics and support you along every step of the way. In fact, we make the actual journey as exciting as the final result! And we bet you’ll end up wondering, “why exactly didn’t I do this sooner?”

“My experience meeting Olga, my interior designer, has been wonderful, helpful and a lot of fun. She was recommended to me and I’m so happy I decided to work with her, it was truly the best decision I made.”

Sue, Kleinburg Ontario

GTA Fine Interiors – Award-winning interior design firm in Toronto

We transform houses and condos in Toronto, York Region and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. 

Meet Olga, founder of our interior design company in Toronto

Olga Kaneva, your future interior designer, had already been working on several projects before founding her own company, GTA Fine Interiors, in 2017. She then won the Best of Houzz award only a year later.

Bringing together her extensive background and creativity as well as her natural talent for transforming homes, our interior design firm quickly became a sought-after name within the Greater Toronto Area.

“I gravitate towards designing with colours—blue will forever be my personal favourite. Colours can really breathe life into homes and help you amplify your personality through your decor.
But my philosophy is that YOU are the one who needs to adore everything about it. So, if you thrive when surrounded by neutral hues, we’ll work together to achieve your dream vision.
While I’ll offer you my expert advice and honest opinion, that’s what it’ll always be about—YOU falling back in love with your home. Because you deserve to live in a safe haven that’s both functional and your kind of beautiful.

Olga Kaneva, founder and designer

Saving you time and headaches through our network of trades

Let’s be honest: finding reliable contractors is not easy these days. 

You’d also end up wasting your well-deserved time off interviewing them for each individual job and chasing after them—and we doubt that’s your idea of a perfect weekend.

Luckily, as an established interior design firm in Toronto, we already have all the right contacts and will liaise with them for you

We promise: we only collaborate with trades we’d trust with our own home.