Move into your dream home sooner and without additional headaches and overwhelm. As sought-after home stagers in Toronto, we’ll help you sell your house faster and for the very best price.

If it still looks like your home, your prospective buyers won’t fall in love with it

Getting ready to sell your current house and move into a new one? Exciting times ahead for you, but we know you’re also stuck in a stressful limbo right now.

There’s so much to think about when selling a house that you might be tempted to just give it a good tidy-up, snap some photos and put it on the market.

This is only going to make you waste more time, energy and money, though. 

The main problem with trying to do everything on your own instead of hiring a Toronto home stager? It’s not just that you’re not a professional interior decorator: you’re too close to your living space.

After all, it’s been your home for so many years. This makes it incredibly hard to see beyond its current layout, bring out its potential and make it look like someone else’s new home.

Because what you’re truly selling isn’t a set of rooms: it’s an upgraded lifestyleThat’s why, when they’re staged professionally and they look move-in ready, most homes

sell for 5-23% over their listing price

result in an ROI between 102% and 909%

sell 87% faster, in 11 days on average

You can’t expect those results if you just tidy up your home or look for the cheapest option when staging it. In fact, if a consultation fee sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
Sure, everyone has a different budget, but you’re now in the position to make a considerable profit. Hiring the right home stager is an investment in the sale of your biggest asset. 
If your house languishes on the market for too long? You might even have to lower your asking price! So, by trying to save a few thousands dollars on home staging, you could end up losing tens of thousands in sales value – how can you afford not to stage?

To strive for the best ROI, you need to invest in an expert’s eye to optimize your house’s features and make your prospective buyers picture themselves living in it. That’s where GTA Fine Interiors comes into play.

736 Spadina Ave, Toronto

Listed for $1.188,000, sold the same day—for an extra $130,888 at $1.318,888

“Thank you GTA Fine Interiors for staging our home, because of your artistic work our home had more than 40 visits in a week. We’re looking forward to having you design our new home!”

Dun & Winnie, Toronto

Home staging in Toronto by award-winning interior designers

Olga, our founder and interior designer, has a trick: instead of letting it come across as “just another property on the market,” she makes your old house feel like your prospective buyers’ dream home.

We never aim for an impersonal showroom look that would require you to rent or invest in brand-new furniture for every single room—especially if your current pieces still look fresh and up to date. 

From professional listing photos to their actual visit, we inspire a connection between your prospective buyers and your home by:

using our expert techniques to highlight your house’s best features: maximizing its functionality, elevating its aesthetic and making your living space look bigger and airier.

At the same time, we’ll also guide you with removing clutter, photos, and personal itemsanything that would prevent your prospective buyers from picturing themselves living in your old house bringing together our expertise, your existing belongings and current interior design trends to boost the true selling potential of your house.

As your Toronto home stagers, we coordinate everything from larger furniture to small accessories and colour palettes to enhance each room’s function, flow, and focal points working with your current furniture whenever possible and maintaining a cozy, lived-in feel. We always aim for an alluring balance between premium and comfortable: the sweet spot that’ll give you the best chances of selling your house faster and for a higher price.

Our Toronto home staging services are available for:

  • Homeowners and real estate agencies
  • Partial or complete staging
  • Vacant and occupied properties 
  • House and condo staging in Toronto, North York
    and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area

“Wow! From the moment I contacted Olga, she has been amazing. I used her for staging and she literally transformed every home she has helped us with. She has vision, is personable, and works on a tight timeline. She has helped our clients sell their homes for more $ and quickly.”

Karolina, Right at Home Realty 


Listed for $979 000, sold the same day—for an extra $336 000 at $1.315,000

Booking us as your home stagers in Toronto and the GTA

Our minimum staging term is 30 days. A 60-day term can also be booked at a highly lowered rate—but we’re confident you’ll sell your house much sooner.
The first step to booking us as your Toronto staging company will depend on whether your home is vacant or occupied.

For occupied properties

Olga will start with a home staging consultation ($250). It will run for up to two hours and include:

  • An assessment starting at the curb and front door to guarantee a breathtaking first impression
  • Solutions for each area that needs attention
  • Suggestions on aesthetic and deeper fixes like floor patching, hardware replacement, lighting and new paint colours
  • Suggestions on repositioning your existing furniture strategically
  • Ideas on how to obtain matching accessories, wall art and decor pieces
  • Referral to reliable and trusted traders
  • Action plan so that you know exactly how to get your property ready if you choose to execute it on your own
  • A bespoke estimate at no extra cost if you choose to hire us as your home stagers in Toronto: we’ll complete the project promptly and organize all the logistics for you

For vacant properties

We will visit your vacant house and provide you with an estimate
free of charge.

During this meeting Olga will:

  • Familiarize herself with your property
  • Discuss its style and location with you
  • Take photographs and measurements as needed
  •  You will receive a bespoke quote to your inbox within 24 hours 

Don’t waste time and money by trying to do everything on your own.
Let us take care of it as your home stagers in Toronto so that you can sell your old house faster and for the very best price.

California Towers, 165 Legion Rd, Etobicoke

Listed for $499 000, sold in 5 days—for an extra $101 000 at $600 000

“After reading the great reviews I quickly booked a consultation. Needless to say, my condo sold in a day and a half! I highly recommend GTA for any of your design or staging needs. Fantastic experience overall!”

Kat, Toronto

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