The people are coming...

The idea of makeovers is to take what you own, rearrange it and incorporate a few well chosen (inexpensive or otherwise) missing pieces and give your home an instant facelift.

If you’re into surprising your significant other or even your 12 years old with an unexpected room makeover, or if your old friend or relative is all of a sudden heading to your place and your house needs a quick face lift… you might be finding yourself in need of a room or floor makeover. Luckily our help is just a phone call away!

We assess what you have and what you don’t and with our creative expertise and connections to reliable trades, we’ll make your unexpected “I’m in town” visitors to say “WOW!”.

We can address old stucco ceilings and inslall new flats

Repaint walls

Install wallpaper and create focal point walls

 Source and install new furnishings and window treatments

Will achieve your makeover in a record time!

Take a look at our room transformations below!

Surprise Bedroom Makeover

This was a surprise bedroom makeover for almost 12 year old Ayelet while she was away at camp. Her mother Rinna wanted to surprise her upon her return.

Old carpet was replaced with a hard wood flooring and a nice ambre rug was sourced

The room was painted and crown molding was installed

Wallpaper was selected and installed on the focal point wall

New bed and beddings were sourced

New curtain rod and curtains were installed

The room was accessorized in Parisian style

And did the surprise work? Totally! Ayelet and and the entire family loved it!