Space Planning

Every homeowner wants their home to be attractive and inviting, but it also needs to function effectively and efficiently.

Space planning is the process of determining the most effective use of space within your home, keeping these two most important factors in mind: Aesthetics and Function.

Inadequate space is a perennial problem in all sizes of homes. The goal of proper space planning is to make the most effective use of the space that you live in. A revised space plan will solve some or all of the space issues that you might be presently dealing with.

We start the space planning and design process with a space overview. We then interview our clients to determine the flow and use of space for different family members and other information influencing space utilization. Approximate areas will be estimated for each function within the home’s flow and the relationship of space between each of those established functions, along with the home’s circulation patterns. We will then compile an inventory of furniture and accessories as needed.

All of these elements put together will lead to the overall aesthetic and efficiency of the space.

Functionality and Aesthetics is a creative blend of:

Front Entrance Impression

Lighting and Colour

Furniture and Circulation

Coziness and Neatness

The break-down might look simple, but not to everyone – if you need professional advice with space planning of your new, post-renovated or respectfully matured home, our help is a phone call or email away.