Winter is here!

 We are excited as you are and we’re having a *Lets Decorate Together Special.* 

Call us to schedule your discounted in-home consultation on decor and paint colors or for anything that you have been trying to tackle alone for a while. Our help is on the way!

*Special rate of $175 + HST is valid until March 1st.

Call us today (416) 992 1882  to schedule your in-home consultation.

Seasons come and go and so do color schemes. Decorations for the winter are not in the same as for the spring or summer. In the winter, we want to feel warm and cozy with deeper darker colors and soft, but thicker fabrics.

Bring out your Holidays’ motive bed cover and furry throws!

Decorative pillows can easily change the entire look of a living room or a bedroom. The simple part of it all is that once you have the pillow inserts, all you have to do to update a room is to change the pillow covers!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Call us today (416) 992 1882  to schedule your in-home consultation at a  discounted price of $175 + HST  (up to 2 hours).


Holiday's cat Lisa!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cat with scarf!

Happy Holidays!

Proudly Canadian!

Pillow talk

Pillow talk

Soon come!

You look at me - I look at you

Spring colors