Thinking of Dressing up Your Windows?

If you’re thinking dressing up your windows, you’re on the right track – Curtains, Panels or Drapery, Shades or Blinds – we call them different names, ultimately agreeing they are all wonderful window treatments. They all function effectively depending on their specific attributes and visually are very important parts of your house.

Retail Curtains are lighter fabric panels that are casual looking, often have no liner and are most often sold in pairs.

Drapes (or draperies) are different from curtains due to weight of their fabric and are custom made. Drapes are lined to block out outside light and long enough to rest on the floor. Luxury fabrics including velvet, damask or silk are the norm for drapes. While drapes come in a range of styles and colors, they are most often solid rather than heavily patterned. The top of a drapery panel is often pleated, and these pleats, along with the heavy fabric, contribute to the formal appearance of this popular window treatment.

A shade (Roman shade) is a soft fabric panel that is attached to a rod or frame at the upper edge. Shades are custom made to fit within the window frame, unlike drapes or curtains that hang below the sill. To let in light or see outside, you need to raise the shade, using either a cord, roller, or lifting mechanism.

On the left:Above: Beautiful panels we custom made for our client in Kleinburg.

Let’s go back a bit: in the 15th century, prior to using textiles, animal hides would be suspended from door and window openings to stop draughts; after that, wooden shutters would be used to block debris and cold. Later on, drapery would usually be used to create private spaces and partition areas in castles. It was only in the 16th century that the process of glass making was perfected and the rise of window curtains came about throughout the Renaissance period. The main purpose of them was now to protect the privacy of those inside.

Luckily, today our residences are famous for impressively designed and technologically advanced window treatments. But that is only after you make them. Coming back to our initial question – thinking of dressing up your windows? – You’re on the right track – most of the time they’re the focal feature of the room. We design, make and install no less than gorgeous window treatments. Our craftsmanship is second to none and our prices are very competitive. We use European and North American-made fabrics that will keep your windows beautiful for years to come. Call us with your questions and we will guide you all the way to your beautifully dressed windows.

On the left:Above: Gorgeous panels and sheers we designed, custom made and installed using beautiful hardware. European made, washable fabrics and grommets speak for themselves!

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