Colour In Our Lives

Colour offers one of the least expensive ways to create interesting and aesthetically pleasing combinations in an interior. Simply painting the walls a different colour may completely alter the mood of a room.

Personal preferences, the kind and amount of light in the room, the interior architecture, and the activities that a room will be used for all play a part in choosing colours.

Many people would say this is easier said than done. Perhaps you are one of the many who are contemplating new decorating and painting projects. If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking and blending colours, your answer could be as close as your phone by contacting us.

Your space truly needs to be an environment that supports and reflects you, so listening to you is a vital part of our process. We listen and make the decision making process easy for you. By avoiding purchases of paint that are wrong for you, you’ll save money and frustrating trips to the paint store!

We will consider the stationary elements and style of your home and marry the paint with them. Once that is done, upon your request our painter will transform your “before home” into a lovely dream home.

If this looks familiar to you...

You need a colour consultation!

If this looks familiar to you...

You've had a colour consultation!

The wonders of colour...

Be daring and embrace them!

Before & After

Al and Jo's House

Recently we proudly completed this major painting project in a new build in Kleinburg. 17 colors later it looks beautiful! To see the final and gorgeous results please click here.