Old House - New Home

We began our work with the beautifully sun-filled main floor with the views of the home’s green leafy surroundings that shined through from every angle.
The owners knew they wanted us to apply a grey monochromatic colour theme throughout the main floor, which we did with ease in order to create an interesting flow but also maintain a colour palette that made sense for every day living. The chic grey tones act as a neutral undertone to the interiors while also giving off each room a modern and timeless vibe. Pops of colour here and there in addition to homey textures and patterns brought together a familial living space that loved ones can gather in for many years to come.
Adding custom natural wood accents to the main living room wall made an edgy statement and complemented the lovely hardwood floors while remaining inviting and keeping the space cozy.
After adding statement light fixtures, eye-catching wall decor and complementing furniture, gathering here with a warm cup of tea on a sunny afternoon becomes no problem at all!

Before & After

Ever-evolving district of North York

``The Ugly Duckling``

If you’re wondering about the title keep scrolling down.

This high floor unit was asking for some TLC after several years as a rental. Luckily for both parties a lovely young couple made it to be their first home and together we gave it a nice face lift. Being a smaller home, wall colors are of ample importance. The beaten up off-white walls were refreshed with a calming grey tone to bring a warm flow throughout the home. Eyesore popcorn ceilings were scraped down and replaced with a clean smooth flats, instantly modernizing the space like new. Modern crown moulding profiles were installed to accentuate the tall new ceilings which are now well lit by new and sparkling light fixtures.

The home was furnished by pairing mid-century modern pieces with compliments of deep green in the couch and gold richness in the TV stand. Bulkheads in the bedroom were a disappointing sight, until we decided to create and design a custom accent ceiling using abstract trim arrangements within those very bulkheads. This accent ceiling was then painted with a deeper, warm grey and connected beautifully with the dreamy wallpaper providing a light, airy, and comforting vibe in this bedroom. To accentuate and complement this German-made wallpaper, timeless lamps with pottery bases and grasscloth shades added the perfect finishing touch on this bedroom. The transformation is quite dramatic and the owners couldn’t be happier with the result. This, to us, means another project is a success!

Before & After

From ugly duckling to swan