The Essentials of Our Home Staging Explained

Think of Home Staging as a resume for your house – formatting techniques can highlight strengths, while other strategies take attention off the less impressive parts of one’s resume.

In the same fashion, home staging is a proven marketing tool that serves as the attention-grabber and first impression creator.  Since there is only one chance to grab buyers’ attention and make a great first impression, we are here to help you with exactly that!  While staging homes for our clients we incorporate statement pieces and appropriate furnishings for highlighting a home’s strengths and masking its flaws. Our ultimate goal is to make potential buyers to say, “Yes, I would love living here – this is lovely!”

Staging Services We Render

Full or Partial Staging

Staging Design Consultation including space planning

Professional Painters referral

Color and Lighting recommendations & sourcing

Artwork Sourcing

Lighting Techniques

A little about us: first of all, we love what we do!

GTA Fine Interiors Design & Staging is a full-service staging company providing both Partial and Complete home staging for houses and condominiums located throughout the GTA. Our staging inventory is tastefully selected and our expertise will turn your vacant house or condo into a space of impressive interiors. To see our Staging Portfolio please click Here

Partial Home Staging is an option offered when a home is in need of updating using our arrangement of accessories, wall art and accent furniture pieces. While you already have your home furnished, we can edit, rearrange and add things to showcase it at its best, helping it to attract a broader range of clients and keep your budget modest.

Complete Home Staging is offered when our clients needed to completely furnish and stage an empty house.

Home staging cost varies within vacant homes and homes with existing furniture, as well as within the scale of the project. To provide you with an accurate quote we will visit you for a complementary estimate if your property is vacant, and provide with a paid staging consultation if your property is occupied.

Home Staging consultations and estimates:

Our Staging Consultation runs up to 3 hours and is priced between $200 and $250. This type of service is commonly used for occupied properties that need to be prepared for sale. We begin the consultation with an assessment starting at the curb and continuing to the front door which is one of the important first impression elements.

Once inside, we will provide you with solutions for areas that need attention:

Suggestions on cosmetic or deeper fixes like floor patching, hardware replacement, lighting and new paint colors

Referral to our reliable trades who we can promptly schedule for you

Suggestions on window treatments

Suggestions on re-positioning your existing furniture which we can creatively use to keep your budget modest

Suggestions on obtaining new missing pieces as well as wall art and other décor

Final list of actions that will get your property ready to go!

Estimates are free of charge and not to be mixed up with the home staging consultations. During the estimate, we will:

Familiarize ourselves with the property and discuss with you its style & location

Take photographs and measurements as needed

Email you a quote for your project within 24 hours or less

Selling A Lifestyle

You, as a home owner, have to recognize that it’s not just a set of rooms that you’re offering for sale, but you’re also selling a lifestyle. Homes that are professionally staged look “move in ready”, which buyers love and will pay more for.

We can help you to present your potential buyer with an idea of what can be done with given space, while they’re seeing that space at its best right before their eyes. A home that doesn’t look great may languish on the market and require a price reduction to sell. Meanwhile staging budget is just a fraction compared to an amount which one’s first price reduction would be. 

Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner preparing to sell, GTA Fine Interiors is ready to work with you.

We are here to make your home-selling experience nice and easy. We’re sure to stay up to date with current trends and present our clients’ homes with proper grace that will make everyone want to live there. With unique art, bold accents and an experienced eye, we transform and enhance a home’s original qualities.

Call us today at (416) 992-1882 and start preparing your greatest asset to sell for optimal profit.

To see our Staging Portfolio please click Here

Helpful tips: if you’re preparing your house to go on the market, your basic check list should include:

Check and tidy up your landscaping

Take good care of your front door and enhance your entry way

Complete any needed painting and repairs

Remove all clutter and personal items such as family photos or notes from common areas (eg.: refrigerator, laundry machines, etc.)

Clean and organize closets and cupboards so they are spacious

Clean off kitchen and bathroom counters of everything except essential small appliances

Have your home sparkling clean; pet-free and odor-free

Make sure photos on your listing are professional; professional photography is more than worth the price

To see our Staging Portfolio please click Here