Forest Hill Residence

This lovely Forest Hill house carried mainly traditional coziness rather than a modern look, after all it’s Forest Hill! We loved those elements in it that pointed to a couple of generations living here and decided to embrace it. Being prepared for short term rentals, we created the look of a loved and lived-in house, as opposed to a flipped one.
Our clients love using vintage-looking, upcycled decor, it is great and sustainable way to stay on budget and decrease our ecological footprint. This is most important to us as it keeps our projects environmentally friendly while also allowing your guests to enjoy their stay at your Toronto Airbnb!
As your Toronto interior designers we map out a plan for every room and incorporate unique decor which highlight our beautiful city. Any guest who may walk in will now instantly feel at home, where they can rest well in a tastefully designed and well-balanced space.
Lets bring your imagination for your future Toronto Airbnb into a reality so you can start enjoying the financial rewards sooner than later!

“Olga is truly amazing! She is very good at her job, she analyses the taste and situation first before proposing any solution. She keeps you informed about the progress and very organized in her work. She is punctual, respects time and your budget! It’s very easy and convenient to work with her! She helped me with setting up my Airbnb property and it came out really well! Thank you Olga! Special callout for her honesty and meticulous attention to detail.”

Jyothsna, Toronto

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Your home next?

Your house deserves a new and elevated look, too. It doesn’t matter what it feels like right now. Maybe it’s still builders white or, on the contrary, too dark for you. Perhaps, even though you’ve already tried to rearrange your furniture and move a few items around, it still looks bland or mismatched.

At GTA Fine Interiors, we can always see beyond the current limitations of a specific living space and make the right changes for your preferences and needs. Ready to turn your dream home into a reality? Take the first step by booking an initial consultation with Olga (priced at $450 and running for up to 2.5 hours).

You’re welcome to call us at (416) 992-1882, if you prefer.
Should we be with a client, we’ll call you back as soon as possible.