Kleinburg new build

We took this Kleinburg’s new build by Caliber Homes as a white canvas with builder’s basic finishes and turned it into a 5,000 square-foot statement of personality with warm, earthy tones sprinkled with an intentional blink!
We believe the difference is in the details. So, starting with lighting concepts and finishing it up with all the smaller but important touches and decor, we gave this new house a show
stopping sparkly twist.
Our lovely clients were ready for the Holidays and really enjoyed every moment in their forever home!
From the consulting and planning to sourcing, and waiting on deliveries, all the work on this beautiful home has paid off. Take a look at the photos below to glance at the never-ending possibilities of bringing your imagination into reality!

“She is very persistent and won’t let things go loose. She would check the work site regularly to ensure that everything was going according to plan. Her project management was great, communication clear and there was no problems. She takes clients’ interests as her own. She would clearly indicate which options will keep us on the budget or which will take us over, so we always were on the same page. Her taste and skills are great and making a client happy is always at the top of her list.”
Tony, Ontario

New Home: Upgrading Builder's Basics

Interior design highlights: before and after

Even though some of these might look unrecognizable, we promise: they’re always the same rooms!
That’s the difference our interior design services can make. By optimizing its functionality and elevating its aesthetics, we’ll bring out the full potential of your living space.

Your home next?

Your house deserves a new and elevated look, too. It doesn’t matter what it feels like right now. Maybe it’s still builders white or, on the contrary, too dark for you. Perhaps, even though you’ve already tried to rearrange your furniture and move a few items around, it still looks bland or mismatched.

At GTA Fine Interiors, we can always see beyond the current limitations of a specific living space and make the right changes for your preferences and needs. Ready to turn your dream home into a reality? Take the first step by booking an initial consultation with Olga (priced at $450 and running for up to 2.5 hours).

You’re welcome to call us at (416) 992-1882, if you prefer.
Should we be with a client, we’ll call you back as soon as possible.