Interior design highlights: before and after

Olga – our interior designer – loves using colours to bring out her clients’ personalities through their decor, breathing life into their homes. However, she will never push certain tones, trends or styles to achieve a certain portfolio. Her mission is always to unlock our clients’ vision and turn their dream home into a reality.
While each project is different and unique, you can get a feel of what’s possible through our interior design services in Toronto by browsing these photos.

Kleinburg Residence

Thornhill Condo

Kleinburg new build

Kleinburg residence

This new and upscaled 4,000 square-foot house started out with the usual builders’ basic interiors—and a lovely family who struggled to fill them with their old furnishings.

If you’ve recently bought a house and have been trying to make it into a home, you’ll know it’s not easy. This is the perfect example to show you just what’s possible! 

We elevated this house completely to match the owner’s more contemporary vision. The result was a beautiful balance between luxurious and comfortable.

Thornhill condo

This high-floor unit went from “beaten-up rental” to “up-beat dream home” for a lucky young couple.

While it used to look small and cramped, we paired up its wall colours and lighting strategically to inspire an airy feel. We also uplifted it both figuratively and literally by adding a playful ceiling trim and gorgeous wallpaper. 
The new furniture with a mid-century vibe completed what had now become a lively and modern space.

Kleinburg new build

We took a builder’s white canvas and turned it into a 5,000 square-foot statement of personality and earthy tones.

We believe the difference is in the details.

So, starting with lighting concepts and finishing it up with all the smaller but important touches and décor, we gave this new build a showstopping sparkly twist.

Riverwalk condo

This was a full renovation for a property owner looking to sell it.

We transformed this compact, builder-basics condo into an airy home full of style and personality.

No wonder it sold within two days and for $80,000 over its asking price!

Even though some of them might look unrecognizable, we promise: they’re always the same houses!
That’s the difference our interior design services can make. By optimizing its functionality and elevating its aesthetics, we’ll bring out the full potential of your living space.
Are you ready to experience such a transformational ‘before and after’ in your own house?

“She is very persistent and won’t let things go loose. She would check the work site regularly to ensure that everything was going according to plan. Her project management was great, communication clear and there was no problems. She takes clients’ interests as her own. She would clearly indicate which options will keep us on the budget or which will take us over, so we always were on the same page. Her taste and skills are great and making a client happy is always at the top of her list.”

Tony, Ontario

Interior design portfolio

At GTA Fine Interiors, we’ve completed interior design projects for houses and condos of any size and style in Toronto and the rest of the Great Toronto Area.

Regardless of the layout and its past challenges, we’ve never failed to turn a living space into a client’s dream home.

If you’re curious to discover more transformations, step through the virtual front door of more properties, too.

Your home next?

Your house deserves a new and elevated look, too. 

It doesn’t matter what it feels like right now. Maybe it’s still builders white or, on the contrary, too dark for you. Perhaps, even though you’ve already tried to rearrange your furniture and move a few items around, it still looks bland or mismatched.

At GTA Fine Interiors, we can always see beyond the current limitations of a specific living space and make the right changes for your preferences and needs.

Ready to turn your dream home into a reality? Take the first step by booking an initial consultation with Olga (priced at $450 and running for up to three hours).

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