North York Airbnb Plus

The vacation rental industry is becoming more competitive each day, which means that unless your property is unique or in a very good location – it’s going to be harder to convince guests to stay with you. Being too impersonal… or too personal within interiors – this is a skill that comes naturally to some and for others, takes time to develop. Most Airbnb travelers choose this type of accommodation because they want a personal and authentic experience when staying in a new place. That means they want to get a sense of who you are as a person…and to feel your passion for your hometown.

We recently completed a full-scale design project at a newly launched Airbnb Plus. We worked out this space from what was once a regular property, into a luxurious, stylish, and most of all welcoming guest-house. We mapped out a plan for each and every bedroom and incorporated unique pieces and spread some little things remaining about high points of our beautiful city. Any guest who may walk in will now instantly feel at home, where they can rest well in a tastefully designed and well-balanced space.

We are here to help you to set up and make your Airbnb guest-ready (or investment properties for long and short-term rentals). We’re going for no less than to hear your guests say “wow”.

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